Where to Turn For Specialized Pediatric Medical Needs

Life is full of unexpected events. Floods, earthquakes, family issues, illnesses and death are just a few of the difficulties Americans face daily. Major medical issues are some of the most prevalent challenges families face. Diabetes, heart issues, epilepsy, asthma, and cancer are just a few of the medical phenomena touching the lives of basically every American today. When these hardships touch adults, loved ones and friends are saddened. When they touch children, the world groans at the unfairness of the situation. Parents with children who suffer from chronic conditions need support and direction, especially when the chronic condition is a rare one.

Medical Needs in Children

Children are generally full of life and wildly active. Sometimes a medical condition, like a broken bone, traumatic injury, hip dysplasia or cancer, will contribute to a lack of that expected life and vitality. Whenever a family faces difficult medical diagnoses, they need quality care from an experienced specialist. Sometimes a malformation in the spine, arms or legs can lead to abnormal pain and physical limitations. Other times, infections in the joints or bones can cause young children mobility issues. There are various treatments for these and other issues, like deteriorating joints and bone disease. Often these medical experiences result in immobility due to pain, interrupting the child’s normal daily activities and lowering his quality of life. Pediatric Hip Replacement is one treatment available to address the trauma and diseases that affect the hips and joints of children. But when is such a procedure necessary?

Medical Procedures for Children

If a child is experiencing some of the medical issues most often experienced by adults, she needs to be attended to by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who can help her relax and cooperate as he assesses her case. An orthopedic surgeon who uses procedures tailored to the child’s immature skeletal system is a must, as well. If the child’s condition is caused by a growing orthopedic tumor, he may need an orthopedic oncologist to diagnose and treat his primary bone tumor, perform surgery to remove the cancer and then reconstruct the previously infected joints. The need for such an extensive procedure for an individual with an underdeveloped muscular system requires a dedicated expert pediatric orthopedic oncologist who knows how to treat the patient with the least amount of invasion possible. Generally speaking, more serious procedures may need to be performed when less invasive treatments have failed.

Who to Turn to?

While orthopedic oncologists are few in America, those who treat pediatric patients are even more rare. Families who find themselves in need of such specialized, focused support can visit drallison to learn how the highly qualified Dr. Daniel Allison addresses the needs of his young patients with care and understanding of their developmental needs. When an unexpected turn of events results in a child needing extensive medical care, Dr. Allison and his team of specialists can develop a comprehensive treatment plan for her and her family. Learn more at DrAllison.org.

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